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Do you know what is fat? Obviously, you know that very well. Men and women both are irritated for belly fat.  Particularly, fat is more in the abdomen than in the body and it’s true we have abdomen fat has taken a long time to lose the fat. So, are you ready to catch the post about exercise to lose weight fast at home?

Your abdomen fat will be lost by following the proper exercise rules. But if you eat arbitrarily you can’t lose fat. You should control your eating habit. Don’t fill your stomach once rather eat five or six times. Take the water after 30 minutes.  You have to take dinner before two hours of sleep.

What is your food menu? Your food menu will be fruits, vegetables, Red rice, Read flour bread, chicken, fish, low fat milk etc.

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How to lose weight fast at home

Follow the best exercises for weight loss at home.

1.   Sit Up:

Lie down to select a plain place. Now fold your both legs. The hand will be straight along the knee. Now taking breathe and sit back in the front. Lie down again and don’t waste more time in the sitting. Do it twelve times and take rest one minute. 12 times is called one set. So, the first time you have to do it two set and increase it after some days.

2.    Crane Exercise:

Lie down in the floor. Fold the legs with a little space. Keep your hands behind your head, that’s mean behind the ear. Rise up to leaving the breath. Be careful, when you will leave the breath its look like a fountain from the mouth and do not make any pressure on the neck. You should be given the attention on your abdominal muscles. Do not bend the neck and the neck should be straight. You will be looking at the top. Now get down with breathing but don’t touch your head on the floor. Do it again but slowly that’s mean a medium rhythm. You have to do it twelve times. While you will complete twelve times, take a break for one minute. The rules of this home exercise to lose weight is the same. So, follow the previous 12 times set system for this exercise.

3.   Leg Raise Exercise:

Lie down on the floor straight. Rise up your legs straight up to 90 degrees. Both hands will have straight. Now, move down your legs with taking the breath. But the legs will not fall in the floor. In that condition, rise up your legs up to 90 degrees. Then move down again. Do it twelve times and obviously, it’s 2 set for everyone. This quick exercise to lose weight is very helpful for the abdomen.

4.    Russian Abyss Twist:

Sit down and straighten your legs in the front. Fold your legs and take a little high of your foot. Take a little back your body that means the upper part of the body from the waist. Now turn the right side once and wait a little bit then turn left side. You should be complete this exercise 12 times and 2 set. This easy exercise will reduce your waist fat and belly fat.

So, are you ready to do the best exercise to lose weight at home? Or you are planning to go to the gym.

If you can do these exercises regularly, you will get the good result soon. But remember one thing; don’t do the belly exercises regularly. Firstly, do it one day afterward. One or two days later you could feel a little pain in your muscles. For that, you can realize your exercises are working well and the fatty is going out.

Obviously, you have a question. How much time do I need to do the exercises?  You have to continue the exercises two or three months regularly. And two or three months later you have to select another exercise. Same exercises are not worked for a long time.

Finally, you have to be careful about the meal plan. You will never get the better result to eat unhealthy food. Try to leave extra oily food and drink plenty of water.

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