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One study Says, 90 percent of people leave the gym within three months. Why? Because they didn’t get an unrealistic result. So, before going to the gym, you need to do some exercise at home to prepare your body. Today, I am going to share some exceptional exercise to reduce belly fat.

Who are wondering how to lose extra fat in the stomach without going to the gym; here are five features of this exercise. Here are the tasks you can do at home.

1.     Plank:

belly fat exercise

For this exercise, you need to lie down in a flat place so that the full body floats to zero on the elbows and feet. The nozzle of the elbow should stick to the ground. It would be best if you stayed 30 seconds in this way.

I do a lot of planks. I feel like the plank is the most underrated core workout; that’s one of my go-to moves.

–Aaron Judge

2.     Bicycle Crunch:

You have to lie down straight on the floor. Raise your hands at the bottom of the head in such a way that the fingers embrace each other. Now, slowly you have to do, like riding a bike with the right and left foot. You have to fold the legs. The leg should take the front of his opposite shoulder. For example, when wrapping the right leg to the left, the left shoulder should be brought forward. At least, it would be best if you did seven times each leg.

How to lose belly fat

3.     Russian Twist:

For this exercise, fold the knees slightly in a flat position. Then, the two hands straightened together. After starting this way, fold the elbows of the hands. Now, rotate the body once to the right and left. In this position, the lower part of the waist will be tight.

Russian Twist to reduce Belly Fat

4.     Push up:

Our most known exercise is push-ups. It’s the best exercise to reduce belly fat for females and males. To perform this exercise, lie straight up on a flat floor. Now, the palm of the hands places at the same distance on the ground. You have to raise the whole body to pressure on the palms and toes. In this way, you have to get up and down again and do it at least ten times.

I hope It’s the best exercise to reduce belly fat at home.

I do a variety of weight-lifting, elliptical glider, stretching exercises, push-ups.

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best exercise Push up

5.     Reverse crunch:

For the reverse crunch, you need to lie down in a flat place. Your both hands will remain on the side of your body. Now, raise your legs to the ceiling of the room without any turning. Then keep your hands on the ground and get down your legs slowly. You have to raise your foot again without touching the ground. In this way, you need to do it ten times in three steps.

Reverse crunch to lose belly fat

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