How To Lose Weight In A Week Without Exercise

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how to lose weight in a week without exercise

How To Lose Weight In A Week Without Exercise


Every people have a busy life. With your busy and boring lifestyle, it can be hard to maintain daily exercise. So you need to space and leisure time to enjoy your life. But it is also important to maintain your weight. The busy lifestyle can cause the problem on your weight loss plan. So you need a plan where you can able to lose weight in a week without exercise. By following this article you can able to know how to get slim fast naturally at home.


Is it really possible to lose weight without exercise?

There are many easy ways to lose weight in a week without doing any exercise. Can you lose weight without exercise? Yes, it’s possible by having the good lifestyle and food chart. You can use smaller plates, eat more slowly and balanced. Drink more water and avoid fast foods. A few dynamic changes can have a huge impact over the long term in your life. In a word, a proper diet plan or food habit can help you to lose weight without exercise. Follow this below points for knowing how to lose weight quickly without exercise.


Scientific Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise


The regular exercise plan is not so easy task. So there should be an easy way to lose weight. Here are some excellent ways to lose weight without diet or exercise. All of them are based on science.


1. Chew Foods Slowly and Thoroughly:

This is the best diet to lose weight fast without exercise. Eating your food slowly can give you fewer calories than fast. It is an easy way to prevent the weight gain.
The human brain needs time to process that food. So chew slowly and thoroughly. Scientific studies proved that faster eaters are more likely to gain weight fast.


2. Use Tiny Food Plates:

The smaller plate may assist you to eat less by making portions look larger.
Small plates can motivate your brain that you are eating more. It will reduce your food taking the habit. In a word, it’s very effective way to lose weight in a week.


3. Eat Protein More:

Protein has powerful effects on human body. It increases your strength and reduces your hunger. So take more protein foods and take less carbohydrate.
Some examples of protein-rich foods are meat, fish, almonds, chicken fry etc.
It’s the process of automatic weight loss without exercise. It is the best weight loss without exercise.


protein for weight loss


4. Don’t Store Unhealthy Foods in Your Refrigerator:

If you keep unhealthy foods in your fridge then you can’t stay away from eating it. It can affect your weight. So try to store healthy food and don’t store unhealthy foods. You can store healthy foods like vegetables, seasonal fruits etc. Do not store cold drinks. It is rich in fat and not healthy for your health.


5. Eat Fiber Foods A Lot:

Fiber is really helpful in reducing appetite. Fiber enrich foods contain forms gel that slows down digestion. There is a kind of fiber called viscous fiber, is helpful for weight loss.

6. Drink Fluid or Water Regularly:

Try to drink raw water more than cold drinks. You should not drink water while eating. You need to drink water before your meal.


7. Pay Attention When Eating:

Don’t watch TV or computer while eating. Try to give full attention while eating. Cause it is the reason for over eating. Who eat while using electronic device generally eat more than normal people. So attention matters a lot.


8. Avoid Stress and Go To Bed Early:

Poor sleep time can cause overweight. Your bodies need rest after work. You need to wake up early and go to bed early to maintain your health.
Oversleep can cause over weight also. So try to sleep 8hours a day at least. Try to avoid stress at any cost.

Weight Loss-Friendly Foods For Lose Weight Without Exercise


There are many foods which can help to lose weight. It also is proven by science.


1. Boiled Eggs:

Eggs are the great source of protein. It contains albumin and globulin.
So it can help to maintain weight. Almost all the doctors prescribe eggs. So it can helpful to lose weight.


boiled egg to lose weight

2. Leafy Greens:

It’s full of kale, spinach, collards. It is perfect for a weight loss diet. It’s a great way to increase the number of your meals. It is very high in all sorts of vitamins

3. Sea Fish or Salmon:

Sea fish are rich in vitamins. So it can help to reduce fat and salmon are one of them. This fish is very healthy. Salmon is incredibly healthy. It’s also oily.

The huge number of people can take proper iodine from Salmon.


4. Green Vegetables: green vegetable for weight lose

Green vegetables can be a great option to lose weight. They are high in fiber. It also tends to contain decent amounts of protein and highly nutritious.


5. Lean Beef and Chicken Dish:

Processed meat is unhealthy but lean beef can be a great source of protein. The truth is this item can be the total solution to weight loss. If you are on the low diet then you can take this as a light meal.


6. Potatoes:

Boiled potatoes are high in potassium. It contains almost everything we need. It has large amounts of resistant starch which is helpful for constant weight.


7. Tuna Fish:

Tuna fish is popular fish all over the world. It’s popular among bodybuilders and fitness models. You can maintain weight by taking Tuna as a meal and have no tension for exercise. It is possible to lose weight without exercise by eating Tuna.


8. Beans and Legumes and Avocados:

All those foods are beneficial for weight loss. They also contain resistant starch. One thing is clear that we need to prepare them properly.
Avocados are different types of fruit which also contain a lot of water. It’s good for health.


9. Nuts:

If you eat the massive amount of nuts it will give you high calories. So try to eat fewer nuts but the small amount of nuts gives you fiber and important facts. It can improve metabolic health. It is easy diets to lose weight fast without exercise.



The fact is if you are a busy person and don’t want to do exercise but you are desperate to lose weight then this article surely for you. In this article, we are showing some informative tips for how to become slim without exercise. It’s surely a challenge to lose weight in a week without exercise. But every day’s diet chart and food selection can give you total luxury.


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