Weight Loss Exercise At Home In 1 Week

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weight loss exercise at home in 1 week


Weight Loss Exercise At Home

Losing weight is really not that big a battle as we make it out to be. Just follow some basic rules and know what you had been doing wrong in your daily life. Weight loss exercise at home is not that hard if you are ready to follow this content.

You will get proper plan to do exercise for weight loss in 7 days from this article.


Which Is More Important For Weight Loss At Home?

Health is important for all. But overweight is not the proper solution. It’s a pain for all people. We stay at home most of the time. So it is important to lose weight at home. Eat less and exercise more is the best way to deal with.

What do you think? Which is more important?

Diet or exercise? Of course, it will be exercised. Because extra diet can cause various diseases. Yes, we should take balanced diet and exercise properly, in fact, exercise for weight loss at home. Actually, we all stay home a lot. We all work at different places but stay at home for a long part of the time. So it is important to utilize this time for exercise purposes. The most important fact is we need willpower for this. Without willpower, you can’t carry on exercise for weight loss at home. So be serious about the most effective weight loss exercise at home lose weight fast.

10  Effective Exercises at Home for Both Men & Women in 1 week

There are many effective exercises for weight loss at home. Here we will discuss 10 great ways for weight loss at home for both male and female. These exercises are healthy and don’t cause side effects. Besides you have to make a weekly diet plan to lose weight fast.

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1.   Yoga-The Key Exercise At Home:

Yoga is easy exercises to lose weight for beginners. You can watch tutorials on YouTube and can carry on this exercise. Bhunjangasana, Balasana, Padmasana etc. are the renowned Yoga asanas. There are about 254 asanas.


yoga exercises for beginners at home


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2.   Simple Crunches to Reduce Fat From Belly:

Crunches are the most dynamic workout for male and female at home. 1K crunches a day will get you strong muscles.

Your belly fat will reduce within one month.


3.   Planks to weight loss of belly:

Planks are a dynamic workout for weight loss that you can try at home.

It can be slightly hard for the female but it’s more than effective than diet.

It makes strong of your major muscles and spine also. Try this at home for at least once a day.



4.   Lunges for Strong & Healthy muscles:

This is one of the best workouts for weight loss as they work on muscles. If you are looking for weight loss then this is for you for sure. It’s not only strong your muscles but also will make your organ flexible. It also good for your other organs.


5.   Circuit Training:

It’s effective than most traditional cardio for burning weight. This is an amazing art of losing weight fast at home. You can burn enough calories by doing this. It will increase your muscular strength.


6.   Cardio Activities:

Cardio activities are the effective exercise for weight loss. Running, walking, cycling is types of cardio exercise which can be done at home by using those elements or devices. It will increase heart muscles and improve blood circulation.

walking to lose weight fast


7.   Walking:

This is the easiest workout of all. You can walk at your home here and there. It will reduce your pressure problem, reduce fat and also increase blood circulation.


8.   Bear Crawls:

Bear Crawl Exercise is the upper body exercise at home. It will increase your body strength for your arms and shoulders and also chest.


9.   Running To Boost Heart Rates On Running Machine:

Running is the best way of keeping your heart rate up. It reduces the heart attack possibility.

It can also lose calories and reduce belly fat and overall weight.

10.   Jumping:

Jumping can be an effective weight loss exercise at home. You can do it on your rooftop. It’s a high impact exercise. It’s kind of exercise that burns body fat effectively.


Nutritionist Recommended Natural Weight Loss Tips At Home


We especially know weight loss as it can be done at the gym. But at home, you can lose weight fast in a week. Here are some Nutritionist Recommended Natural Weight Loss Tips for you. You can try this at home for healthy diet plan for weight loss fast.


1.    Take Asparagus:

  • It has asparagine.
  • It will increase blood circulation.
  • Help kidneys to work effectively.
  • Breaks down oxalic acid that helps to reduce weight gain.


2.   Eat Cabbage More:

  • It helps to reduce belly fats.
  • Rich in iodine and sulfur
  • Natural foods to lose weight at home naturally.


3.  Eat Whole Grains:

  • Oats, whole bread, brown rice can burn extra calories.
  • Easy to get those foods at home.
  • These foods are not so expensive.


4.   Drink Green Tea:

green tea weight loss

  • It Increases the rate of your metabolism and prevents the
  • storage of fat
  • Who drinks a lot of tea, it’s suitable for those.
  • Green Tea is healthier than normal tea.
  • Helps in lowering high cholesterol level.
  • It removes body toxins.

5.   Eat More Green Vegetables and Fruits at Home:

  • It reduces your heart attack.
  • Increase your longevity.
  • Good source of vitamins.
  • Burn calories a lot.


6.   Divide Your Meals.

  • It makes you feel less hungry.
  • Take the small amount of food at a time.
  • The natural way of controlling your weight loss plan.
  • No side effect.


7.   Chew Your Food Slowly & Properly After Taking Meal:

  • It will control your appetite.
  • The brain will work timely.
  • Quick chewing can cause weight gain.
  • It will digest food properly.


8.   Don’t Drink Soft Drinks More:

  • Soft Drinks are full of calories like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi etc.
  • It will increase your blood sugar level.
  • Doctors are highly recommended to avoid carbonated soft drinks



Healthy diet plan for weight loss fast is a must to lose weight. You can take all kinds of diet plan at your own home. It will reduce your gym time and money also. Weight loss exercise at home is the key to losing weight fast.

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